3 Common Myths About Adoption That You Should Know

adoptionAdopting a new family member is a huge decision that can be both exciting and stressful. From selecting which type of adoption is best for you, to understanding the adoption laws that vary from state to state, the process itself can be challenging even for the most prepared adopters. It’s a good idea to hire an adoption attorney as step #1 in the process.

In addition to the legal obstacles, there are many myths surrounding adoption that may prohibit interested parties from adopting. Here’s the truth behind three common myths, and tips on how an attorney can help you through this important process.

All adoptions are very expensive

One of the most popular myths surrounding adoption is that it’s completely unaffordable for the average family. While it is true that some adoptions can be very expensive due to factors like international travel and private agency fees, not all work like this. There are many different methods of adopting and some even include subsidies and tax credits. One of the least expensive ways to adopt is through a foster program. Depending on the state, some foster adoptions cost under $1,000. Speaking with an attorney can help you clarify which type of adoption will work best for you, while still fitting within your budget.

Only young, married, heterosexual couples can adopt

This is simply no longer true. You do not have to be wealthy, under 40 years old, or married to adopt. Families are more diverse today than ever, and adoptive parents now include single people and same-sex couples. It is important to note that, while you may be able to adopt from a particular state or country, you still have to navigate through the legal process. A lawyer can assist you in understanding the various laws and restrictions that may stand in the way of your adoption.

The adoption process will take many years

Adoptions certainly take time, but not all of them take years and years. In fact, wait times are determined by many factors, including the type of adoption, your preferences, if you are using an agency versus a private adoption, if you are adopting internationally, and many more. The right attorney can help speed up the process by ensuring that you are taking the proper steps from the very beginning. Having all of your certified, notarized paperwork in place, being fully prepared for a home study, and having finances ready are a few ways that you can speed up the process, all of which can be facilitated by your attorney.

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