Located on the same street corner for over 120 years, Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton & Van Donselaar, Ltd. has earned its reputation as a firm that combines large firm expertise with the attractive atmosphere of a smaller practice.

Since 1903, we’ve emphasized personal focus in delivering results for Modern Bank Block Centerclients in Lake County and northeast Illinois in an expansive range of legal areas. Whether tackling complex matters or straight-forward transactions, we strive to be each client’s best possible advocate. The result is high caliber legal services delivered in an engaging, cost-effective and intelligible manner.

R.W. Churchill founded the firm with deep-seated beliefs of how a law practice should conduct business. Asserting that a law firm is an integral part of a community’s fabric, he committed to providing honest and high quality legal services in a timely fashion, while accentuating both personal and public service.

R.W.’s son, George Churchill, joined the practice in 1940 and remained for the duration of his career, interrupted only for military service in World War II. George’s nephew, John Baumgartner, launched his practice with the firm in 1962. George’s sons, Robert and William, commenced legal counsel in 1972 and 1977, respectively, and Robert remains active today.


Our people continue to honor R.W.’s original principals and have served our communities on numerous levels. Robert Churchill was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, while others have endeavored on governmental commissions and local boards. We have served as leaders in community and religious organizations, local and state bar associations, school and church committees, and youth sports organizations.

Our attorneys have been immersed in fascinating political arenas and trail blazing litigation. In 2000, attorney John Baumgartner argued the groundbreaking case State Oil Co. v. Kahn before the United States Supreme Court and prevailed in overturning existing anti-trust law.

While the business terrain has fluctuated drastically over the past century, the firm’s pledge to its fundamental philosophies has never changed. Our people continue to maintain exemplary standards in all areas of practice and zealously represent clients with uncompromising integrity.

The strong foundation and vast history of Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton & Van Donselaar, Ltd. are testaments to the Firm’s ability to remain dynamic, flexible and responsive to our constantly evolving business environment.