3 Essential Ways an Attorney can Assist with a Job Injury Claim

job injury

Injuries that occur on the job are common. But filing a workers’ compensation claim for a job injury is not always straightforward. And unfortunately, a claim that is not submitted or processed properly can result in a denial of benefits. Working with an attorney who is experienced in job injury claims can help in the following ways:

Organizing Medical Evidence

A job injury claim must be accompanied by appropriate evidence to support the claim. In fact, lack of sufficient evidence is one of the main reasons this type of claim will get denied. But understanding what qualifies as appropriate supporting evidence is not always easy.  Medical records can be confusing and there may be multiple medical providers involved.

A qualified attorney can help you gather the right medical records in order to present a strong case. Additionally, they can speak with the appropriate medical providers in order to gain a clearer understanding of the injuries and follow-up care that will be required. To further support your case, they might investigate with coworkers or other experts to prove that the fault lies with the employer.

Negotiating a Job Injury Settlement

A settlement offer should be thoroughly negotiated with careful consideration of all factors involved. Insurance companies will typically try to understate the severity of a job injury claim and make an initial settlement offer that is much lower than is reasonable.

Your attorney is there to represent your best interests and negotiate the highest award possible. In this respect, they will consider important factors such as the full extent of your current injuries as well as how they could limit your abilities in the future. Also, they must analyze how your injury will impact your current and future potential earnings, especially if it is a long-term or permanent disability. An experienced attorney can be much more effective at successfully negotiating a settlement than trying to navigate this process on your own.

Representing You in Court

If you are not able to reach a fair settlement, you will need an experienced attorney to represent you in court.  Escalating your case through the court system is not something you should take on alone.  There are specific rules and procedures that must be followed in court. With this in mind, it is most effective to work with an attorney who is familiar with court proceedings. They can complete the proper discovery work ahead of time, present your case in court, examine witnesses, and truly represent you in the best way possible in order to reach a successful outcome.

At Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton & Van Donselaar, Ltd., our experienced attorneys understand the seriousness of a job injury claim.  We will help you throughout the entire process to reach the most equitable settlement possible. Additionally, we are proficient in and out of the courtroom, and can help escalate your case through an appeal if necessary.  Contact our Grayslake office at 847-223-1500 to learn more or to schedule a consultation.