3 Surprising Times a Business Attorney can Come to the Rescue

business attorney

Running a small business is a challenging task and business owners tend to wear many different hats. And while they can often effectively manage a multitude of projects, taking on the role of a business attorney is usually not a good idea. As prepared as a business owner thinks they are, there are always those surprising moments when a legal issue can arise and can put the business in jeopardy. For that reason, small business owners should always have an experienced business attorney that they work with who can provide them with important legal advice and guidance.

Most business owners do understand the value of legal advice, but there are some situations where seeking the help of a business attorney may not immediately come to mind. Here are a few surprising examples of when a small business owner might need the help of a business attorney:

Properly Negotiating Contracts

Landing a major client is a win! But while it might be tempting to quickly close the deal, their contract might be full of hidden clauses or unreasonable terms. An experienced business attorney can dissect the contract, negotiate on your behalf to ensure a fair agreement, and protect your business interests in the long run. Don’t rely on cookie cutter forms or thinking you know your business well enough to negotiate on your own behalf. The fine print in a contract is binding, and signing without understanding it can result in a costly mistake for the business.

Customer Disputes

That old saying that the customer is always right sometimes gets taken to the extreme by certain patrons. But clear communication and good customer service skills do not always resolve the situation. And unfortunately, not giving in to unreasonable requests by a customer can quickly escalate. In these cases, it is wise to put emotions aside and hand over the issue to your qualified business attorney. Our attorneys will help you understand your legal obligations, assess potential risks associated with the dispute, negotiate on your behalf or guide you through formal dispute resolutions or court proceedings if necessary.

Choosing the Correct Business Structure

There is a lot of information online about the various business structures. As a business owner, if you’ve done your research you may feel confident in making that decision on your own. But it’s important to be truly sure, since it can have a significant impact on your business if you choose the wrong one. In fact, the business structure you choose influences everything from day-to-day operations, to taxes and how much of your personal assets are at risk. Our expertise in these matters can help you anticipate the hurdles you might face that would impact your decision of business structure.

Work With a Business Attorney you can Trust

There are so many unexpected challenges that can come up during the course of doing business and we’ve seen our clients get faced with so many. Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton & Van Donselaar, Ltd has been in business for over 125 years, so we have a solid background with vast experience in all areas of business law. Working with our team and having that experienced business attorney on your side will help you navigate these unexpected legal hurdles with confidence. Reach out to 847-223-1500 to learn more about our extensive legal support services for businesses of all sizes or to make an appointment with our team.