Exciting Announcement of our Firm’s New Name!

new name

We’d like to announce our firm’s new name: Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton, & Van Donselaar.   We’ve refreshed our logo and our website, too – get a sneak peek here:  www.grayslakelaw.com

New Name, Refreshed Look, Same Great Service

Although we’ve had a little update, you can be assured we are offering the same exceptional legal services as always.  2021 was a time for change in many companies.  We guided many businesses through the challenges the last year presented, and helped them reshape and refresh their companies.  Likewise, we decided to take this time to update our own business’s look as well.

Along with our new name, we’ve rolled out a brand-new logo and a refreshed website to acknowledge that we, like so many businesses, needed a bright, positive change.

Still Located In Downtown Grayslake

Rest assured; our offices are still in the same place – on the same corner in Downtown Grayslake where we have been for over 100 years!  We still make it a priority to give back to our community and look forward to sponsoring many more in-person events this year, including the Beer Festival, the Golf Outing, and of course, Grayslake Summer Days!

Providing Both Personal and Business Law

As always, our law firm is here, in your community, to help you through whatever legal challenge you are facing.  Whether you need a lawyer to go to court with you, challenge your increasing property tax, to fight insurance fraud, or solve a problem you’re having with your landlord or tenant, we are here to support you.

Here are a few other matters we can guide you through:

Family matters such as setting up a trust or estate, setting up living wills or powers-of-attorney, or wealth protection

Business matters such as filing a Workers’ Compensation claim, malpractice claims, forming a corporation or LLC, starting a charitable organization, or transactions such stock/asset purchases and sales, mergers and acquisitions

Real Estate items such as drafting commercial real estate contracts, rezoning of real estate, and residential or commercial leases

There are many more ways CQHV can help you personally or with your business.  We have a new name, our look is refreshed & our lawyers are here to help as we have always been!  For a free consultation, give us a call at (847) 223-1500 or find more info here.