Landlord-tenant disputes

Assuming the role of either landlord or tenant can lead to any number of situations where representation by a skilled attorney will be critical. Landlords frequently find themselves in situations where a tenant is failing to pay rent or violating some other term of the lease. Similarly, tenants may be faced with situations where landlords fail to perform certain obligations owed under the lease or where there are problems with the condition of the property being leased.

Our attorneys are well-versed in representing both landlords and tenants in all manner of disputes, including lawsuits for forcible entry and detainer. Our representation of landlords and tenants most often involves taking the measures necessary (through litigation or otherwise) to enforce the terms of the lease and ensure that all terms are being followed. If terms of the lease are not followed, termination of the lease through litigation becomes a possibility. Additionally, we represent clients who are entering into new leases and need assistance with negotiating and drafting leases.