Breach of contract litigation

At its most basic level, a breach of contract lawsuit involves two or more parties that have entered into a contract, where one or more of the parties to that contract claims that the other has failed to perform what is required by the contract. When such a situation arises, the non- breaching party (the party who hasn’t violated the terms) is faced with a choice of whether to allow the breaching party (the party who violated the terms) to get away with the violation or to bring legal action.

Over the years, our attorneys have dealt with a myriad of breach of contract lawsuits, from smaller disputes that were fully litigated in a matter of months to intricate lawsuits involving complicated, multi-party contracts. Contract disputes are often complex and require precise understanding of the documents involved. The terms of a contract might be ambiguous or capable of meaning more than one thing. Revisions to a contract, either verbal or in writing, may have been made over time. The scope of a contract may have changed, and the parties’ actions may indicate a change to the contract’s terms. Any or all of these issues may be a part of a given situation. For that reason, having seasoned, knowledgeable representation is critical. For decades, our attorneys have been achieving successful results for our clients through litigation and other alternate paths.