Fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims

Over the years, our attorneys have handled numerous lawsuits involving fraud, consumer fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Claims for fraud usually arise out of a business relationship or transaction that ended poorly and involved some aspect of misrepresentation or untruthfulness by one of the parties involved. We have frequently represented clients both in defense and in prosecution of fraud and consumer fraud cases.

Successful prosecution or defense of a case brought for fraud or consumer fraud requires an extensive knowledge of the applicable law, as well as ascertaining the facts of the particular situation. In Illinois, fraud cases must be proved with a higher degree of certainty than is required in other civil lawsuits. For that reason, great care must be taken at all stages of the case, including when the facts of the situation are investigated, when court documents are drafted, when discovery is performed, and when the trial takes place. Our experience handling fraud cases sets us apart from other legal representation.

Our attorneys have:
  • Represented a real estate agent and the agent’s office in defense of claims brought against them for breach of contract, fraud and consumer fraud. At trial, we successfully obtained a directed verdict in favor of our clients at the close of the plaintiff’s case against our clients.
  • Represented sellers in defense of a fraud claim made by the buyer of their property who claimed the seller concealed mold in the home.