Collection litigation arises between two parties where one party owes or is claimed to be owed money by the other party. Churchill, Quinn, Hamilton & Van Donselaar, Ltd. represents individuals and companies in a variety of contexts where they are either owed money or money is claimed to be owed by them. The firm represents clients in matters related to unpaid bills and invoices, the collection of unpaid judgments, past due rent, unpaid loans, installment contracts, bounced checks, and in other situations where money is owed by one party to another. Whether attempting to collect a debt or defending a client against a claimed debt, our attorneys work closely with clients to explore all of the facts to develop the best possible case strategy. The firm’s experience and expertise enable us to quickly determine the best course of action in litigation and to aggressively follow through.

Our attorneys have:
  • Represented a bank client to collect a deficiency judgment awarded to the client several years prior in a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit.
  • Represented a client to obtain a judgment for the client and collect on a verbal loan agreement entered between the client and a former friend.
  • Successfully represented a client in the medical services field to collect upon balances owed for services performed.
  • Successfully represented a building materials provider to collect upon balances owed for materials furnished for construction.