Shareholder and partnership disputes

The majority of businesses today are not operated by individuals in their own names, but by corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or some other form of corporate entity established for the purpose of owning and operating businesses.  Often, these corporate entities will have multiple owners, shareholders, managers or partners involved in them. Though most people enter into such business arrangements with the best of intentions and with everyone “on the same page,” it is common for disputes between shareholders, owners or partners to arise. Such disputes can cripple a business, resulting in lost profits, missed opportunities, and devaluation of that business.

Our attorneys have vast experience handling disputes between shareholders, owners and partners. When faced with such a dispute, our first priority is to listen to our clients to understand their goals and then to design plans to efficiently achieve those goals. Consideration of any type of resolution is given to such matters at the outset. If a client’s goals cannot be achieved through settlement or resolution, our attorneys set out to place our clients in the best possible stance for litigation.  Our litigation experience includes handling a great variety of shareholder and partnership disputes, including:

  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Self-dealing;
  • Shareholder derivative actions;
  • Bad faith claims;
  • Corporate opportunity misappropriation;
  • Corporate buy-out issues;
  • Buy-sell disputes; and
  • Shareholder or member freeze-outs.