Real estate litigation

Throughout the years, our attorneys have frequently represented clients in litigation involving real estate. The exact nature of real estate litigation is almost as diverse as the real estate itself. Our experience with real estate litigation includes:

  • Boundary or property line disputes;
  • Ownership disputes;
  • Land use disputes;
  • Lake rights disputes;
  • Title disputes;
  • Title insurance disputes;
  • Disputes arising out of purchases and sales;
  • Claims for specific performance of real estate contracts;
  • Easement disputes; and
  • Adverse possession claims.

When representing a client in a real estate dispute, our litigation attorneys work closely with our real estate transaction attorneys to blend insight and expertise. Our transactional attorneys and our litigation attorneys are both veterans in their respective fields and combine their experience to assess the unique facts of each situation, create a plan of action, and efficiently resolve the issue or position for successful litigation.