Zoning hearing and appeals

The use of real estate is heavily regulated by state and local requirements. After collaborating with clients to determine the intended usage of property, our attorneys work with local governments and state agencies to smooth the way for projects at hand.

Our attorneys have represented clients in navigating complicated matters involving zoning, variances, special use permits, planned developments, subdivisions and annexations. Our experience also includes representing clients at public hearings and before public bodies.

While the goal is to reach an agreement regarding a client’s intended use of property, when an agreement can’t be formed, or if disputes arise, our litigation attorneys can intercede to advocate on our clients’ behalf through court proceedings.

Our attorneys have:
  • Represented the owner of a 600-acre parcel that was developed into the revolutionary Prairie Crossing Subdivision, creating the local cluster housing archetype.
  • Represented several major religious organizations in annexation and zoning hearings.